A national social and professional network for New Zealand women in medicine and health.

An evolving, community-led programme to nurture, support, and contribute to the personal and professional development of women in the NZ health sector. We hold webinars, social events, and do formal matching for those seeking a connection to a mentor or others in the field.

I gained so much. I feel confident and supported and so happy I was part of this programme.
— 2018 mentee

Fantastic to have been a part of this- thank you! It might seem like a small amount of time but knowing I had someone to turn to for advice, outside my organisation, has been extremely beneficial to me personally and career wise.
— 2018 mentee

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If you are looking for formal mentoring, or to canvas opinion from those in-the-know, then this is the programme for you.

Register here as a mentee.

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Register here if you are willing to be a mentor - to provide guidance, advice, or just a listening ear to other women in health.

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mentor-mentee pair

Maybe you have already got your match sorted? Congratulations! That’s the hardest part. You can still receive support and resources from us.

Register as mentee and a mentor, and indicate that you are pre-matched on the form.


Wāhine Connect is a New Zealand-based Charitable Trust supporting women working in the health sector.

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