We are proud of the great feedback we have received about Wāhine Connect and thankful to all the amazing women who participated in the early stages of the programme. Check out what some of them have had to say!


Feedback from mentees

“I gained so much. I feel confident and supported and so happy I was part of this programme. Unfortunately I had to move DHBs but I have remained in contact with my mentor (speaks of the strength of the programme).”

You found someone just like me in my speciality (which is small) who I hadn’t met before! Awesome matching service!

“Great CV advice - she reviewed and suggested changes which were much appreciated (and got me the job I was after!). Great moral support, really good to hear from someone doing the same job but in a different place with a different perspective.”

“I am so impressed by this programme.”

“Thank you so much. The professionalism of this programme made it so much easier to be honest and open about needing guidance.”

“I have a clearer idea of my career goals. My mentor also suggested a technique which helped me pass my post grad diploma ( I had a lot of anxiety prior to my exam).”

“I will encourage my colleague and peers to obtain a mentor. And not necessarily limited to "one" mentor, as others may be able to provide mentoring for various aspects of life.”

It helps individuals feel less isolated. It brings us back to the connections between people. I love supporting us to “see” each other and genuinely support the connections between each other. This adds so much meaning to life. We are all in the same boat!

“I have been looking for this- and have had several unsuccessful attempts at setting something like this up - my whole career. Delighted to support it.”

“Fantastic to have been a part of this- thank you! It might seem like a small amount of time but knowing I had someone to turn to for advice, outside my organisation, has been extremely beneficial to me personally and career-wise.”

“I found it really helpful to NOT be connected with a senior colleague at my own hospital - this may sound silly but it was nice to have mentors I hadn't met (may not ever meet) and who didn't know me from a bar of soap. I guess this is not the way it will always work but it was nice to start a new relationship for my mentoring.”

“Great programme and I got exactly what I was hoping to get out of it. Thank you.”

“Should definitely continue and I hope this is well supported: it should be!”

“The matching process was excellent and really met my needs. Both mentors were easy to relate to and were women I consider role models. To be able to talk to them in such an open and candid way was extremely helpful when thinking about my own career choices. It’s fantastic!”

“Really inspiring to consider that these women have made it and that I'm not alone :-)”


Feedback from mentors

“In general I love to help my younger generation in whatever way possible knowing that I have managed to overcome many barriers that the young female doctors can face. I would like to pass on any valuable actions that was useful for me.”

I think it is a great idea. It’s important for younger females to have the ability to ask questions/network and get the support that is inherent for our male colleagues.

“You are doing an excellent bit of work that I have not known to exist before other than for students in the medical school. That too was meant for "weak" students. Please do more of it. Please carry on.”

I have enjoyed the opportunity to nurture someone else in their career choices. I find that having a nurturing role is rewarding and energizes me for other less attractive aspects of work.

“I love this concept and for a network so young you have done an amazing job. I hope I can have a go at future mentoring partnerships.”

“Thank you (Juliet and team) for the hard work, commitment and dedication you have shown to other NZ women.”

“It has created community, collaboration and support amongst women in health in Aotearoa. Keep on doing what you are doing!”

“This programme has enormous potential. You probably need more resources (in terms of people to help run it) to take it to the next level.”

“Women have fewer opportunities to connect and be mentored than men, so I think it is important to continue this programme. In time, it could lead to more formal support and sponsorship networks.”

“Fabulous and wish I had this when I was coming through, hope people make use of it.”

“Brilliant, keep up the good work. This is what I have been looking for since 1991.”

“Really good to identify women who are looking for help and guidance when facing difficulties in their career decisions. It gives them a practical solution to aid their decision making in a confidential and supportive environment.”