Wāhine Connect Events



Women's Clinical Leadership Webinar,
August 1 2018

This webinar was a huge success, with over 200 women from three countries joining in for the evening!

A huge thank you to our speakers Dr Sally Langley, Dr Emma Parry and Dr Sue Nightingale, and to the three tech teams from Northland, Auckland and Christchurch who put in a massive effort to support this night.


So I'm a new GP and I have some questions...
March 6 2018

This was a great webinar. Three panelists talked about their experience of growing into the GP role, including how-to-get-away-to-pick-the-kids-up-on-time, as well as straight-forward business advice. The participants also shared their tips of the trade, and there was some excellent (& important) clinical advice around how to provide good quality of care, within the time constraints of the appointments. 


Wellington meet & greet,
November 13 2017 

This was a really fun night at The Bebemos in Newtown, very kindly sponsored by ASMS. Thank you to Sarah D for her help in organising this and to the two great women who shared their stories that night. So great to meet more of you in person, and to hear about the SWIM program happening in Wellington.


So you want to be a surgeon?
November 6 2017

Wāhine Connect hosted a webinar for our budding female surgeons. We had a panel of surgeons (from trainees to Directors) who talked about their journeys and gave advice about all those burning issues, like how to get selected, how to survive, and their experience at combining family and a surgical career. It was a fantastic and inspiring event, and was rated highly by all the participants.


Christchurch meet & greet,
October 6 2017.

Pegasus Health put on a fantastic evening for Christchurch wāhine. I loved that we had such a diverse range of women attend - there were doctors, pharmacists, nurses and health administrators.  It was wonderful for us to meet in person,  enjoy some beautiful canapés and fine Canterbury wine, and share a few life hacks! Thanks so much to Pegasus (Vince, Margaret and Nicole) for all your support in organising and funding this event.